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We'll help you find the best way to describe your experience with your guest in three simple steps.

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Get a personalized guest review

OK, we get the picture. We’ll give you a perfectly worded, balanced review that will get the point across without making you look gushing, petty or whiny.

How our Airbnb guest review generator works

Our Airbnb review generator relies on the information you provide about your guest experience and our data about Airbnb reviews to create suggestions to describe your experience perfectly.

Let us create your Airbnb review for you

With our Airbnb review generator for hosts, you won’t have to rack your brain anymore! Writing a professional review is not easy, particularly when you’ve had a bad experience. Our reviews get the message across without too much emotion or swear words.

Airbnb Review Generator FAQs

Why do I need to write Airbnb guest reviews?
Both guests and hosts need to write a review for either one to appear on Airbnb. These reviews will help you and other hosts evaluate potential guests better and increase your listing's visibility in the long run.

Create a good impression and also help other hosts find out if guests are worth hosting or not.

If you’d like to get even more review examples, check out our article with 101 Airbnb Guest Review Examples below!
What should my Airbnb guest review include?
Make sure that you’re completely transparent and honest about those that stay with you. You can also include:
- What type of guests they are (e.g. honeymooners, partiers, etc)
- Whether they were a pleasure to accommodate
- The condition of your vacation rental when they left
- How smooth was the whole process from booking to checkout
- A star rating
What are the reviews from Lodgify’s Airbnb review generator based on?
Our recommendations are based on a combination of internal data and external research about Airbnb guest reviews for specific property types.
How does the Airbnb review generator work?
Our Airbnb review generator relies on the info you provide about your rental property business along with our own data and external research to provide suggested reviews.
How can Lodgify help me grow my vacation rental business?
Lodgify is an all-in-one software created to help vacation rental owners and property managers increase their occupancy and income. Our software includes features that centralize, automate and optimize your vacation rental processes.

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