Security at Lodgify

We value your contribution

At Lodgify, the protection of our community’s privacy and safety is at the heart of our mission.

We are committed to responding proactively and promptly to security issues that might arise and value the security research community’s contribution in helping us detect unforeseen vulnerabilities in our systems. We kindly ask the community not to publicly disclose the vulnerabilities and findings before we get to address them. 

We ask security experts and researchers to follow our established process to disclose any security-related issues with Lodgify’s online systems excluding,,

To do so, we invite you to create a researcher account on Intigriti ( – a bug bounty platform – and send us an email at intigriti [at] lodgify [dot] com with your Intigriti username. Please avoid sharing any sensitive information about the vulnerability through insecure means. 

We will then invite you to our program where you can submit the issue you discovered. We kindly ask you to use your email when running tests on our website. 

Our process helps us identify and prioritize security issues in order to act swiftly and responsibly. We highly appreciate your collaboration in keeping Lodgify a safe space.