Wix booking system
for vacation rentals

If you already have a Wix site but no booking system, embed Lodgify's Wix bookings widget into
your existing website to start taking direct bookings and payments today.

Transform your Wix vacation rental site with our booking engine

Use our booking button and implement it to your Wix vacation rental site to send visitors to your Lodgify check out page to view availability and rates. Accept payments by credit card and benefit from direct bookings for your vacation rental.

Suitable for multi-property owners

With Lodgify’s booking system, you can transform your Wix booking calendar into a one-stop portal for direct bookings.

Embed the code today and users will be able to see your Lodgify search results page with map information included, combined with accessible listings featuring the “Book Now” button. Lodgify’s booking system is designed for varying room types, and cross-channel functionality is fully supported through our Property CMS, ensuring easy management of all your data from one centralized place.

Quick setup

Easily turn your Wix vacation rental website into a streamlined booking engine. Simply generate your embeddable code and paste it into your Wix site. Through Lodgify's website settings, you can customize your Wix booking widget to match your brand’s design.

A booking system, plus much more

With Lodgify's Wix booking app, property management has never been easier. Calendar and inbox synchronization will keep all your channels up to date, and you can modify rates at any time using our back office.

Reservation System

Channel Manager

Rates Management

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