Sync all your listings with our vacation rental channel manager.

Easily connect Lodgify with the top online travel agents to keep your calendars automatically synchronized across all your channels and prevent double bookings.

Connect your calendars with our channel manager software

Lodgify’s channel manager is an integrated tool that allows you to connect all your listings on external travel agents, like Airbnb, Vrbo, and Expedia, with your vacation rental property management software.

This deep connectivity will enable your bookings, calendars and rates to be automatically synchronized and updated across all top channels – without manually updating each calendar individually. This means that when a guest books their stay on one channel, the inventory will update on all the others.

API integrations available

Use Lodgify's Channel Manager to fully synchronize your listings via API with the top listing channels in the vacation rental industry. The following badges reinforce Lodgify’s commitment to helping property owners and managers access the deepest connections, in order to stay ahead in the industry and grow their bookings:
Airbnb Preferred+ Software Partner Premier Connectivity Partner
Vrbo Elite Partner
Google Partner Logo
Expedia Group Partner Solutions

Channel manager iCal integrations

Do you have external listings on other channels not mentioned above? Connect them to your channel manager software via an iCal integration!

An iCal integration allows you to display calendar data and room availability from another application. It’s a good alternative for booking sites that don’t provide API integrations. Here’s a list of some external channels that support iCal integration that you can connect to your Lodgify account:

Advantages of using a vacation rental channel manager

Calendar up-to-date

Keep your calendar up-to-date

Instant synchronization means that errors such as overbooking or double bookings are far less likely to occur. Once a property has been booked on a channel, the channel manager will automatically remove the availability for those dates on the other channels.

Save time

Save time and effort

A channel management software saves vacation rental owners and property managers up to 20 hours a week - that they would otherwise spend on manual tasks, such as cross-checking availabilities and updating calendars on each platform.

Manage all your reservations

Manage all your reservations from one place

Stop using multiple accounts! Lodgify’s two-way, seamless API integrations automatically synchronize your listings on external portals. Oversee all your bookings from one place and save time and effort for your vacation rental business.

Business tools

Mark up rates to maximize profit

While it’s free to list on most OTAs, the majority also charge a percentage of the booking amount as a commission. Use the vacation rental channel manager to mark up base rates on specific external portals to cover any fees or commission.

Increase your brand visibility

Increase your brand visibility

Add your properties to more external portals and gain extra visibility. Export all your content, bookings and rates in just a few minutes. Spend that extra time to optimize your listings and increase your online presence.

Booking Engine

Oversee all your bookings on a multi-calendar

Lodgify’s multi-calendar offers a clear overview of all your bookings from your vacation rental website and other external listings sites. Change your rates and accept reservations from all your listings directly on one centralized calendar.


What is an API integration?
API integration is a two-way connection between two software platforms that allows them to communicate with each other and share data. Lodgify can connect with different channels via API integration, meaning that, if there’s a change on one channel, it will automatically be updated on the others. We connect via API to Airbnb, Vrbo, and Expedia
What information can I synchronize with Lodgify’s channel management software?
Our booking channel manager allows vacation rental owners to synchronize information such as reservation and guest details, total booking amount, up to 18 months of calendar availability, season rates, and much more.
How long does it take to update my external bookings on Lodgify?
Your reservations will be automatically synchronized on Lodgify’s booking channel manager and on all your external listings within minutes.
How do iCal integrations work?
iCal connections work by using a web address for the availability calendar. Any external portal that connects via iCal can access this URL and regularly check availability.
Can I only use your channel to connect with the websites listed above?
Not at all! You can connect to most of the online travel agencies in the industry with the iCal connection. Get in touch to find out if your external listings can be connected with Lodgify.

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Owner of Condo Vivaldi

“It’s great to have access to the Channel Manager because I do not have to worry about double bookings anymore – since everything automatically synchronizes with my calendar in real time.”

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