Airbnb API

Connect your Lodgify channel manager with Airbnb’s API to sync your calendars and bookings across all top channels

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Airbnb calendar sync

Integrate your Airbnb listing with Lodgify’s channel manager to sync the Airbnb calendar with the rest of top channels. Our two-way Airbnb API integration will prevent any double-bookings and it will keep your reservations up-to-date at all times.

Whenever you receive a booking on any external listing, the dates will be automatically blocked off on your Airbnb calendar. The Airbnb calendar sync will also guarantee real time updates and show the most accurate availability.

Airbnb Calendar Sync

The best channel manager for Airbnb

Lodgify offers the best channel manager for Airbnb. It allows you to easily sync Airbnb, Booking, Vrbo and Expedia calendars and bookings via its full two-way API integration.

Managing your vacation rental is easier when you can manage all your inquiries from one centralized dashboard. Our Airbnb API integration shares booking information, availabilities, rates and messages between Lodgify, Airbnb and any external listing connected to our channel manager.

Preferred Software Partners of Airbnb

The Airbnb API provides hosts the flexibility they require to manage their vacation rentals across all the top channels and sync their data with other OTAs. Lodgify has been chosen Preferred Software Partner by Airbnb, which allows us to integrate the Airbnb API into our channel manager.

Being an Airbnb Preferred Software Partner means that Lodgify provides the requisite functionality and software connections that meet or exceed Airbnb’s technical benchmarks. We collaborate with Airbnb to make it easy for hosts and allow them to connect with a growing guest community.

What does Lodgify synchronize with Airbnb?


Sync your reservations and guest details. We import the total booking amount

Unified Multi-Calendar Icon


18 months of availability will be synchronized and the calendar will be updated instantly


Both default and seasonal rates are synchronized in Lodgify

Images & Descriptions

Photos and room types of the property will be combined in Airbnb


Messages to and from guests are synchronized between both platforms


You can also create a new Airbnb listing in Lodgify with just one click


How can I connect my Airbnb listing with Lodgify’s channel manager?
To set up the connection between Lodgify and Airbnb, follow the steps below:
1. Go to your Main Menu in the top left corner, select Channel Manager and then choose Airbnb Professional.
2. Click on Connect with Airbnb to sign in to your Airbnb account or create one. Now establish the connection by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the two platforms.
3. You will need to provide some additional information to establish the mapping. Our connectivity team will provide you with a form to fill in. Once it’s done, we’ll start the mapping.
4. Once everything is set up, we will send you a confirmation email. All your selected listings will be live on Airbnb and you will be able to choose between instant book and booking request.
Can I connect Lodgify to multiple Airbnb accounts?
Yes, you can! If you want to connect additional Airbnb accounts to your Lodgify channel manager, just follow the above procedure for each one of them.
Can I import my Airbnb listings into Lodgify?
Yes! If you are new to Lodgify or you have just created a new rental in Airbnb, you can import it directly into Lodgify without filling in all the information from scratch. It only takes four easy steps to connect your Lodgify account to Airbnb and import the crucial rental information. Get more information about our Import tool in the following link.
Once I have connected the Airbnb API, do I need to do anything else?
Nope! The connection requires zero maintenance from your side. Besides, advice is always available from our dedicated connectivity team at any time.
What information can I synchronize with the Airbnb API?
You can sync your Airbnb calendar, bookings, availability up to 18 months, rates, images, descriptions, messages and more! Check out the full list in our Lodgify Help Center.

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